Setup Copiers as Printers

How to setup your PC to be able to print to one of the many copiers in the school

We have 4 new Konica Minolta copiers. Here is how to get yourself setup to print to any of the copiers in the building

As of school year 2018-19 the Secure Print for the copiers is now automatically added to your Windows computer so that you can print to them.

Next, print something and choose the printer named "Secure Print on APPS01" from your list of options.
Then, go to one of the Secure Print enabled copiers, listed below.
  • Mailroom
  • Staff lounge
  • ARC
  • LYM
Swipe your keycard using the reader mounted on the right side of the copier.
If it's the first time you've scanned your card then you will be prompted to login using your Windows username and password. 

Once you've logged in with your account the print job(s) should automatically release and start printing at that copier.

If your print jobs don't just start printing then hit the big Menu button, then choose the Release option, 
then Select All or individually select your print jobs and hit the Start button and they should then print out.