Google Hangouts video conference calls

posted May 30, 2018, 10:27 AM by Vincent Mohr   [ updated May 30, 2018, 10:54 AM ]
How to host a Google Hangouts video conference call. 

You will see that this can also be simply used for voice, the video aspect of this is optional. I've included videos below to demonstrate the written steps here.

  • Visit the Hangouts shortcut from the apps grid or enter the URL (Sign in with your DLSNC Google account if you're not already)
  • Click the VIDEO CALL icon in the middle area of the page (a new tab/page opens)
  • Enter a Hangout name (type a name and hit Enter or click the arrow button)
    • Then it will briefly say Joining video call and then display an option to Invite people
  • You may also be prompted to Allow or Block the use of your microphone and camera; Choose Allow
    • You should now see your own camera's view in the bottom right corner
  • Click the Invite people button if you haven't already...
    • In this gray box select the Change option in the upper right and choose Allow to allow people out side of DLSNC to join the Google Hangouts video call.
    • You then have various options to share the link to this Hangout.
    • If you want someone to join for just audio over a phone call, you will see a phone like dialing pad icon to the right of the field to enter email addresses for invites.
    • Click the dial pad icon to Add telephone participants
  • When a guest tries to join without a Google login, they will enter the name (explained below) and the HOST of the meeting will see the prompt to Allow or Deny their connection.

  • Guest receives link something like this one;
  • Guest clicks link, sees a page that prompts to Block/Allow use of microphone and camera; clicks Allow
    • If Guest is not logged into a Google Account they will then see a prompt to enter their Name and click Request to Join
    • The Host then has to Accept the request.
    • If Guest is logged in to a Google Account, or clicks the Sign in to Google link below the Name field, then they are just automatically joined.

Use these links below to see some short helpful (silent) videos