G Suite Enterprise for Education - Google Meet


Recent updates to Google Meet and what's coming next video is available here, and take a look below if you just want to skip to a specific part of this 30 minute video. We are G Suite Enterprise for Education customers, so we have or will be getting all these features described in the video, as they become available.

To jump to a specific topic in the video, use the following timestamp links below. Some of these features are still rolling out so may not be immediately available,

  • Attendance tracking at 4:27

  • Q&A and Polls at 6:42

  • Breakout Rooms at 12:13

  • Whiteboard / Jamboard at 16:05

  • Originality Reports at 22:36

  • Hand Raising at 23:37

  • Coming soon! at 24:46

  • This was a live session from Oct. 22nd, the Q&A session with viewers is at 25:44

Slide deck from video here:

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