VPN setup via FortiClient

Post date: Jan 10, 2017 5:32:54 PM

This How To article assumes a few things; you have a login for our DLSNC Windows computers, you have a DLSNC laptop with FortiClient installed and that you're using it remotely outside the building. Also, if you're planning to do this, be sure you login to that laptop before leaving the building, because you can not login to a DLSNC laptop for the first time unless you are here on our local network in the building.

Look in your Start menu (All Programs/Apps) for the “FortiClient” application and open it.

In the FortiClient console, select Remote Access on the left menu. Then click Configure VPN as seen below.

Select IPsec VPN along the top

Enter the Connection Name: DLSNC VPN

Remote Gateway:

Authentication Method, Pre-share key: ************

Click Apply button then Close button

Fill in your Windows username and password as seen in the image below and then click Connect button.

This new VPN should then work as you’ve experienced with the past VPN.

Questions or concerns, please submit a helpdesk ticket or call me if it’s urgent: 503-609-0789